The Statue and the Orange

It’s an individual thing isn’t it?
Happiness and blessing flow out of the attitude
rather than the action.
I  Am reminded of a lady who, when given a beautiful statue,
placed it in the corner of her kitchen as a reminder of friendship.
One morning as she was eating an orange, she was struck by the notion of all she was blessed with; family, friends, food, and even the very air she breathed. As the sunrise poured through the open window she suddenly realized how all of creation was both benevolent and beautiful. And so, she placed part of her orange beside the statue, as a reminder of her blessings. In this way, each morning, she would throw open the windows, give thanks for another day, and remember. 
As her children married and moved away – they took this practice of daily gratitude with them to their homes, and they were happy. But, after a couple of generations the gratitude was replaced by a feeling of duty. No longer did they begin their day in thanksgiving. Now they begin their day by checking off; the-first-chore.
What began as a habit of giving thanks, became a burden. As generations came and went, it even came to matter not only that they should make an offering, but also what kind of statue it was, and in which corner of the house it should stand;
and it weighed heavily.
This caused me to wonder;
“how long was it after Jesus death that we began requiring things.” 
He said “do this in remembrance of me.” 
When you do this, “remember me.” 

When did our remembering accumulate the extra baggage?
I suppose it’s when we went looking for an absolution
for things we continue to do;
a box we check –
so we will know when to expect what was promised.
More like a legal contract than a relationship, or a friendship;
more tidy, Less ambiguous.

We all have statues of some sort to deal with; and oranges.
Like the Eucharist on Sunday morning –
really, it’s more a banquet of friends.

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