The Sun Rises – Even Here

…. And it was morning and evening one day…..

Jesus said, The path is straight and few people find it, which seems interesting. Something straight should be easy to follow, no twists and turns, or confusing directions, just straight and clear, plainly laid out. 

Perhaps we were afraid we would miss something, like it was just too restrictive. Or, we just weren’t looking for it.  

…. And it was morning and evening the second day….

No rules or restrictions, just an invitation for free, unrestrictive travel.

And our minds dreamt up all kinds of magnetic possibilities that pulled us this way and that, eventually entangling us in a labyrinth of our own making. We were still on the path. We just weren’t going anywhere. We were scared, trying to drive with the brakes on; indecisive, loading up one imagined what-if after another, stuck and mired in a conundrum of our own making,

…. And it was morning and evening the third day….

Jesus says we should become as little children, more interested in walking and moving than acquiring. 

Perhaps the very baggage we were accumulating was taking up more and more of our time and attention and we had forgotten to walk. The straight way really has no rules to break, no suffocating restraints. It only invites us to drop our bags and walk unencumbered. 

….And yes, the sun rises even here….

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