A Glimpse of the Sacred


 The Warmth of the moon
          We try to warm ourselves by the light of the moon
          when what we seek is the sun

          The light of the moon, we are told, is a reflection 
          and we think that’s all there is
          Vainly we try to warm ourselves
          while we live in the night 
          saying, “we find warmth in the moonlight”
          while slowly we freeze
          The warmth of the sun lives in the day
          to inhabit the night would be to destroy it
          We want the warmth but do not have it
          because, to go there means leaving here

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of the Sacred

    1. Thanks :0) – I hope you all are doing great –
      I was thinking – it seems so many times our inability to “move forward” is simply our unwillingness to move 🙂
      I know it is for me ?

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