The Asphalt Clock

 – a story in six parts – 

If you find yourself at one of these dead ends, consider for a moment that rather than a complete impasse, what we might initially call a dead end, is perhaps the end of our understanding, where we climb the edges of our God shaped container, to scan the horizon for what we find missing. Or, perhaps, this perceived impasse, like a dead end to a line of reasoning or trail of clues, necessitates a modification of our search criteria. In either case, realizing that we are here, with our current perception leaking the evidence of our experience, is in itself the measure of something learned. The very fact that you recognize a dead end, transforms it into a vantage point from which to peer into the promised land of possibilities. It’s something we learn to do through repeated experience. In fact, realizing that this is not a singular event, that we are continually arriving at the end of our understanding, is actually part of our maturing process. If we will allow it, these seeming dead ends become the point of entry into the cycle of death and resurrection exemplified by Jesus. The great religions of the world call it, “dying to self.”

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