The Asphalt Clock

 – a story in six parts – 

It’s good to pause here, renew our faith, and reflect on our assumptions, our beliefs about God, the world, and ourselves in it. In this cycle of broken roofs and new shingles, of death and re-birth, faith and trust are allowed to live and flourish. Maturing beliefs likewise, are given the opportunity to shed the skin of old habits and breathe the clean air of renewal. It’s natural for them to change. It’s how we grow. If our beliefs refuse the refinement of experience and contemplation, they render us unwilling or unable to engage our faith. When this happens, the light of our faith dims a bit and these opportunities for growth, become dead ends, with limited views of only the familiar. We then, instead of renewing our faith and moving on, set up camp at the wall of impasse and wither.

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