Respecting the dog –

I know you all will think I’m crazy – but what the heck – here it is:

I have a thing that I do at home – it’s all about respecting the dog. She gets the last bite of whatever it is that I am eating. (And we usually share meals together.) Whenever I eat chips for example, I don’t just give her the broken bits at the bottom of the bag, I look for, and give her some of the biggest and best I can find.

The reason being, that it dawned on me one day that how I treated the dog was a mirror of how I treated other people. And, if I could show respect to the dog. Then surely I could show respect to the people I encountered on a daily basis. It’s all about creating culture. 

We create our own culture, so to speak, by the habits of our daily routine – especially the habitual actions that we do in community (community being wherever we find ourselves among people.) 

If we create a culture of respect in all that we do and see ourselves as a vehicle or conduit for Gods blessings to others, and if we see our actions as the intentional blessings of God on another, then we create a culture around us where God is at the center. 

No strings attached.

(and in this way then – are we not also in the habit of performing miracles?)

2 thoughts on “Respecting the dog –

  1. i like the way you treat the dog. I will have to think about the assumption that the way you treat that cute pooch is the way you should treat people. Something to think about. Thanks for giving me some food for thought.

  2. Thanks – It’s mainly about being in the habit of being respectful to the individuals around us; a point of intentional practice that spills over into the world at large :0).

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