Allowing Others to Be

“What you bind on earth you bind in Heaven and what you loose on Earth you Loose in Heaven” I wonder, have we just been looking at it backwards? It seems that this passage is used as a formula to control, rather than a license to create. After all, the kingdom of God is here, now, among us. It seems we have been given a license, without restriction, to use every day for good or bad.

In our reaction to others, in our placing of external rules and standards, I am wondering if we are not actually “binding on earth”, as Jesus says, when it appears that we have the capacity to create through Love. Our actions and reactions of hate, and selfishness, and greed surely have a way of shaping attitudes and actions in others. Perhaps if instead, we interact in an an attitude of Love? Would that not begin shaping and nurturing the image of God in this kingdom of heaven here and now?

If we are learning to “be”, then we must allow others the freedom to “be” as well. In other words, each of us is created in the image of God, and has the same potential to exhibit it.

Blessed are the peace Makers, the meek, the poor, the hungry and the thirsty; for they are children who will inherit, who will be fed and who will see. Let’s play nicely with others – it starts here.

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