A Glimpse of the Sacred


Chipping Paint

A community of people observed the sunset each evening 
and seeing how beautiful it was  
they painted over the tidy stone and mortar of their homes
with many hues of brightly colored paint
which dripped and ran and puddled 
and became sticky.
It got in their hair and on their clothes,
and, over time, dried and cracked in dull
spiderweb-like patterns on the roofs
and walls of the village, turning
the whole town into something
resembling a long forgotten movie set.

In spite of their efforts, each day as evening fell,
the sunset returned, reflected in the lakes,
the streams, the dew, and
the window panes. It could be seen 
shining up from the the silverware,
the glasses, the plates and the mirrors in their halls.
Eventually they began painting even the windows, 
and dyeing the water in an effort to lay hands
on the sunset – to obtain it – to hold it.
Eventually, they no longer looked up.
Eventually, there were no more reflections.
Eventually, they became prisoners shackled to a shadow.

If we chip off the paint we might still find the house where
we once lived and watched the sunset.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of the Sacred

  1. Thanks for the note – I am beginning to notice that people seem somewhat predisposed to do that with their faith as well – perhaps it’s because the manufactured is more easily curated – less elusive – and a little less autonomous.

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