The Asphalt Clock

 – a story in six parts – 

The roots of our beliefs sink deeply into our own perception where we trust in what we think we know. Strangely enough, this is normal. However, If we hold our beliefs in a tight fist like the Pharisees of old, we will circle the wagons and withdraw into a house of our own understanding. It’s difficult at times. We love our fig trees, but shun the fruit. Fortunately, the winds of the spirit do occasionally throw pikes of sweet gum, breaching the roof of our safe place, opening us up to a wider understanding of ourselves in creation. They allow us the opportunity to once again, unclench our hands from what we think we possess and return to an attitude of trusting in God Himself, rather than our understanding of Him. God after all, is the mystery to which we are drawn. The tighter we cling to our understanding, the more He escapes our grasp, like water in the hand. 

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