Sparring over Death

Faith is living in the likeness of the teacher fueled by grace.
Belief is the pursuit of the constructs of our own understanding.
Co-operating into change, especially knowing that dying is part of his plan is the elephant in the room, the thing we dance around and spar back and forth over. But, isn’t our relationship to it, the very fabric of our faith? Isn’t this is where our beliefs are betrayed as nothing more than our own holy conjecture?
Faith is moving into the mystery, where beliefs become the jumping off point for questions. It’s the art of floating between hope and trust, asking and exploring. It’s the narrow gate, the place where one can only pass alone. It’s the “dying before you die” and is a good thing to practice.

2 thoughts on “Sparring over Death

  1. Can I trust God in the mystery of… Misery.

    Is the unknown safe in His hands?

    Father, draw us close and hear the broken heart of our ‘why’.

    And teach us to trust… And have faith fueled by your grace when we sit alone in our brokenness…

    1. Thanks Bill :0)
      It brings peace to me when I realize that the unknown is only unknown to us.
      There is so much to discover in this vast creation of love both inside and out.
      And I almost feel like I have wings 🙂

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