The Unwanted Blessing

In 2006 and again in 2011 – My world  was racked and tilted in such an irreversible way that even the light angle was skewed, and in the aftermath, the familiar became a maze of foreign objects in the need of rediscovery. In this collection of literary photographs or renderings of this new world, you may find yourself constantly adjusting your glasses to clear up the scene before us. The writings contained here cover a span of about 10 years with a few dating back perhaps a decade or so before. These observations, although different in some specifics, I suspect in many ways, are common to all of us walking the planet.
In acknowledging the way it is, the book provides signposts of comfort in simply letting the reader know that they are not alone. Perhaps, it proposes, grieving is about going to where God is absent for a bit so that we can find him again. Perhaps, grieving is more central to God’s story than the events that cause the grief. Perhaps, it is God’s unwanted blessing.

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