Signs & Footprints

If I leave crumbs on the shore before I dive in.
You cannot follow by reassembling them into a cake.
You are still safe on the beach.
Only by wading into the deep can you move forward.

A sign post is an intentional footprint.
Here, we can see where someone stood.
The inscription on this emblem 
an orientation of sorts
a place to get our bearings.
But, we are not where they are.
We are only where they were.
At times it’s important to have
a point on the map
to say we are here.

2 thoughts on “Signs & Footprints

    1. Hey my friend – I have fallen off the Precipice of the first few chapters in your new book and am now falling blissfully into the abyss ?? For anyone reading this comment you need to check this book out!


      Morgan Meis

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